_ Cutting-edge tech

New energy technologies, a key to achieving a decarbonized world.

We are working day and night to transform the energy sector trough innovation. We still live in an oil based world, but we are making headway in the energy of the future with groundbreaking technological solutions.

We have a global vision for innovation aimed at transforming the energy industry, focusing our main projects on specific areas of action.


Our transformation depends on lots of people, and you can be part of it.

Energy. How it's supposed to be.

We truly believe there’s no planet B. So we concentrate our best efforts to achieve a truly productive and capable energy system. 


We have projects involving hydropower, wind energy, and photovoltaic solar power.


With innovation, we can help you making your daily life more energy efficient.

For Everyone

We work to get you the energy you choose for any of your mobility needs.


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Embracing a new future.

We are a global multi-energy provider with a clear vision of the future. That’s why we’re working to drive the evolution towards a low-emissions energy model.

Our mission is to be an energy company committed to a sustainable world. We have plans aimed at reducing our energy and carbon intensity based on our low-emissions businesses.