_AQS® Comprehensive system

What is it?

AQS (“Advanced Quantum Spectrum”) is a comprehensive system that combines Advanced Techniques and Methods of analysis and characterization of results to provide profitable and effective solutions to oil industry customers.

AQS® involves professional expertise of high scientific level, processing of conventional and special profiles in oil and gas wells, advanced laboratory analysis and powerful analytical network tools in order to evaluate and optimize the performance of mature and exploratory fields, solving production challenges and incorporating hydrocarbon reserves in new, abandoned and re-exploratory areas.


Why AQS?

AQS® builds a global vision, from the micro to the macro, taking into account multiple parameters: geological, physical and chemical both of the rock and of the fluids present (free and formation water, condensed crude, light, medium, heavy, extra heavy, gas, among others) allowing our clients to make the right decisions according to their needs and requirements.

AQS® guarantees an accurate and reliable model of the intrinsic properties of the reservoir, creating optimal conditions for finding reserves and optimizing fields, generating high levels of production and profitability.

An effective characterization guarantees
the optimal exploitation of the deposit.

Where is it applicable?

Due to its versatility, AQS® can be applied in any field reservoir, exploratory and mature, where there are condensed crude, light, medium, heavy, extra heavy and gas. Also, in areas that have already been drained or are experiencing production problems.



Analysis of the initial information and feasibility evaluation. This includes an exhaustive comparison of all the basic information available to the client, including the studies or models previously developed, allowing a quick qualitative and quantitative recognition of all the geological data of the basin, prospect or oil field.

This analysis is carried out in order to offer a situational and evaluative report to detect incidents, needs, risks and potential of the evaluated area.

Once the diagnosis is made, reliable data is obtained, classified and processed through analytical integration networks, which determine the feasibility and scope of the draft.

The projection is a core stage because at this point the objectives are set according to the needs and priorities of the client.

It covers all the required experimental protocol, based on advanced analytical techniques, the type of energy, temperature, optimal running speed, as well as the types of sensors
and detectors that are used to achieve greater absorption and precision in the characterization of rocks and their constituent fluids.

The integration of all the analysis and evaluations carried out generates an accurate and reliable model that reveals the behavior of the reservoir in detail.

At this stage, the objectives set in the projection are achieved; New reserves, increased production, recovery of wells, recovery methods for damage to formation, establish the mobility of crude oil by degree of matrix adhesion versus admissible fluids. The phenomenon of rock hysteresis, change in wettability, recognition of breakthrough or channeling of water through mechanical connections is also determined, achieving feasibility in the recovery of abandoned or mature fields and implementation of better optimization systems.

Thanks to the implementation of the integrated AQS® system, our clients can base their decisions on accurate and reliable scientific information. This guarantees the efficient exploitation of its deposits.

The AQS® scientific team is committed to the quality of the actions to be developed and the
satisfaction of our customers, monitor and control the action plan established in its different stages. This in order to guarantee the success of all operations.


All phases of the development of the AQS® system are carried out in compliance with the statutes of absolute confidentiality
in order to protect our clients’ information.

Benefits of the AQS® System

Detects the presence of oil in areas that are normally discarded by conventional methods.
Locate areas with the highest hydrocarbon production with the least risk of losses.
Identify areas with easier drainage to increase hydrocarbon production.
Smart solutions in wells with low potential or production drops.
Knowledge of the reservoir rock in terms of composition, distribution, location and quantification.
Detailed simulations and studies of rock and fluid spectrum.
Definition of drainage areas and their potential.
Detailed simulations and studies of geomechanics.
Creation of analytical networks for expert systems, with a view to optimizing and reducing operational decision times.
Understanding the dynamics of the reservoir: production, stimulations, artificial lift, etc.
_ addressing the difficulties that oil companies generally face globally

Thanks to the implementation of the integrated AQS® system, our clients can base their decisions on accurate and reliable scientific information. 


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